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Monday, September 20, 2010

Seen it Coming! Early vision on NFL QBs come to pass!

Football is a game of major anticipation. If u look at my second blog; Which QB will shine? My pick was Mike Vick. In this early season he has showed what he has always been, a star. You see Farve needing  a miracle, losing his number one weapon before the season ever started. I said ROMO will be NOMO. Dallas is 0 and 2. Will all my picks be exact, i  highly doubt it. Its the ebb and flow of this game that pulls in my passion. A lot like life, you're gonna win some and lose some, but the next play is the most important!

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  1. Hi G this is Luc.I have a question for you how, far will Mike Vick take the Eagles. Also today the Tiger Cats will play the Rough Riders. I predict that the Tiger Cats will win 30-23.