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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

College Football Exciting Again!

Wow!. Did you see those games? From Alabama's tide still rolling without the Heisman Trophy winner , to Jacksonville State beating Ole Miss in their own back yard . Its on and popping . Florida State had their 1st year without Bobby Bowden and looked great . Keep your eyes on  QB Ponder, he's looking mid season  form already. Florida Gators had a ruff start but woke up late,only 13 yards in the 1st half,8 turnovers.They gotta get ready for the SEC fast . It was a tough call for game of the week.The LSU vs UNC game, was just that, a real game.Both teams left it on the field..TCU and Boise State are both in the top 10, lets see how long they last.Both teams have fight and  are ready to prove their ranking .Who's your college this year ? Did they come out swinging?..Just in.Boise State looks for real,they may be in that top 10 for rest of this season.Just ask Virginia Tech.


  1. Pookie you know its bout dem GATORS!!!! That was part of our Gameplan, LOL! Love your blog!

  2. Hi Alicia, as much as i feel what you'er saying those Gators will have to protect that football . In a hard hitting SEC that point will be key. Giving that D-fense a much needed rest.If your defense is tired and sore,it could spell a long season.Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hey Pookie this is lover Luc I have a few comments about the NFL. What r your thoughts on upcoming game between the Saints and the Vikings? My prediction is that the Saints will pull off a big time victory. Sending Favre to permanent retirement.

    In the CFL the Tiger cats pulled off another spectacular win against their arch rivals the Argos.Thats 4 wins in a row and the cats keep rolling. I predict another Grey cup(something they haven't done since u left) since u Pookie r the best ever. Talk to u soon buddy. Luv your blog

  4. Hi Luc,great call on the Saints game. I said earlier that Farve would need a horse shoe to repeat last season. Great to hear the CFL news. Those Ti-Cats once rolling maybe hard to stop. Its been like 8yrs since the TI-CATS had a real contender . The steel town is due for a winner.