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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday Night Football Double Header Hits Hard Knocks!

Defense Defense Defense! A saying you're gonna have to know as a football fan is that Offense sales tickets and DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Ask anyone you know with any type football championship ring. Ask them about the defense they had. Last night the Baltimore Ravens lead by the one and only Ray Lewis showed exactly that in the 10-9 victory over the highly watched New York Jets.Tonight real football was played, not reality sports.I'm a fan of the the lime light,but when it comes to football its all about action.  Pipe dreams and popcorn wont cut it. Ask the guy Ray Lewis hit. In the second game of great football last night was the Kansas City Chiefs who came in kicking butt and taking names later attitude.The San Diego Chargers fought hard, but ran into the last mohicans with their backs agaist the wall. End result in that one 21-14. Chiefs bend but dont break.That equals the point, check your team defense. If  you cant score, u wont win.


  1. that was a good hit by Ray Lewis. 15 years in the NFL and still can bring the hat.

  2. Hi G this is Luc. I have a question do think that Ray Lewis could be what Baltimore Ravens need for a playoffs hopes. I think that without defense a team is half a team.