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Monday, September 27, 2010

Alabama gets to party late, but leaves with pork chops!

Alabama Crimson Tide 48"x60" Jacquard Acrylic ThrowWhat a game! A slug fest! A SEC War! All can be said about the number 1 Alabama tide vs. number 10 Arkansas razorbacks. The razorbacks came out cutting deep, taking the first possesion to the endzone. By half time the tide realized they were in a real dog fight. You seen the the champs wake up right before your eyes. The tide was coming like a tusami! Turnovers really hurt the razorbacks in this one. Whenever u fight the champ u gotta beat em down, any room for a comeback will leave you as a pork chop special.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eagles fly High over Jags on Cloudy day!

Michael Vick - Philadelphia Eagles - 2010 Score Football Card - NFL Trading Card in Screwdown CaseOn this cloudy day in Jacksonville, Florida it was hard to see the the sun. The one thing you could see very clear was the Eagles star Mike Vick shinning bright! From the start of the contest he came out gunning. As a fan and and local guy here in jax u wonder whats the deal with the teal? Even try as they did, there was no flame from the home team. Vick seemed to have a record day, throwing for 3 touchdowns and running for one. I see Vick making a early push for come back player of the year. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Seen it Coming! Early vision on NFL QBs come to pass!

Football is a game of major anticipation. If u look at my second blog; Which QB will shine? My pick was Mike Vick. In this early season he has showed what he has always been, a star. You see Farve needing  a miracle, losing his number one weapon before the season ever started. I said ROMO will be NOMO. Dallas is 0 and 2. Will all my picks be exact, i  highly doubt it. Its the ebb and flow of this game that pulls in my passion. A lot like life, you're gonna win some and lose some, but the next play is the most important!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday Night Football Double Header Hits Hard Knocks!

Defense Defense Defense! A saying you're gonna have to know as a football fan is that Offense sales tickets and DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Ask anyone you know with any type football championship ring. Ask them about the defense they had. Last night the Baltimore Ravens lead by the one and only Ray Lewis showed exactly that in the 10-9 victory over the highly watched New York Jets.Tonight real football was played, not reality sports.I'm a fan of the the lime light,but when it comes to football its all about action.  Pipe dreams and popcorn wont cut it. Ask the guy Ray Lewis hit. In the second game of great football last night was the Kansas City Chiefs who came in kicking butt and taking names later attitude.The San Diego Chargers fought hard, but ran into the last mohicans with their backs agaist the wall. End result in that one 21-14. Chiefs bend but dont break.That equals the point, check your team defense. If  you cant score, u wont win.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Tebow's back! The word this preseason for the Jags was to get Tim Tebow. Well they kinda did, not as a teammate  but as the first opponent in the season opener as a Denver Bronco. Jags showed the fans the fire that has  been missing. Football has never been about one player. Teamwork and a steady defense was key in todays win.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

College Football Exciting Again!

Wow!. Did you see those games? From Alabama's tide still rolling without the Heisman Trophy winner , to Jacksonville State beating Ole Miss in their own back yard . Its on and popping . Florida State had their 1st year without Bobby Bowden and looked great . Keep your eyes on  QB Ponder, he's looking mid season  form already. Florida Gators had a ruff start but woke up late,only 13 yards in the 1st half,8 turnovers.They gotta get ready for the SEC fast . It was a tough call for game of the week.The LSU vs UNC game, was just that, a real game.Both teams left it on the field..TCU and Boise State are both in the top 10, lets see how long they last.Both teams have fight and  are ready to prove their ranking .Who's your college this year ? Did they come out swinging?..Just in.Boise State looks for real,they may be in that top 10 for rest of this season.Just ask Virginia Tech.