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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Auburn Tigers ..War Eagles..SEC..Take National Championship to the Wire..in 22-19 victory

K2 Signature Series Full Size Team College Football - Auburn UniversityA College Championship Game of the ages was just played.The Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks just played their hearts out. You couldn't ask for more from the teams, my hats off to them both. The first time in 57 years for Auburn Tigers and the first time ever playing in the big game for Oregon Ducks. The coaches game plans were of A 1 caliber , the play calling showed it. The SEC was truly represented with big hits and bodies, but west coast football fought the whole time. The recruiting will be great for both schools next year. The playoff system in college football could happen, but after tonight it seemed perfect the way it is.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dont Call it a COMEBACK..Vick been good for years,,Jackson triller!!!..in new york..brings early Gifts

Philadelphia Eagles 16oz Crystal Freezer MugCan u say,,Wow!!!,,Comeback of the year. Again this team shows up to battle..My pick in the QB of the year race 5 months ago,,now it may be player of the year..A total team effort was key in this victory for the high flying Eagles.  You never seen these guys head down, nor give up on plays, from his legs running , to onside kicks. Im riding with them for the rest of the year..with the super bowl around the corner has your team started early christmas shoppin..?..Enjoy this cold water Philly..u deserve it..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The No Hitting Zone!!..NFL takes Action on Big Hits!!

Steiner Sports NFL Brandon Jacobs 2008 Week 1 Vs Redskins Hit on Landry Autographed 8-by-10-Inch PhotographThe NFL is cracking down on big head to head hits. Two players were heavily fined last week for the hits they put on the opposing players. I must say these hits have been happening since the start of football. Ever since Pop Warner Football, all players dream of the Big hit , ya know like when your mouth piece flies out and the ear pads pop out. My mouth is getting wet now as I write about it.  I know players must be protected, but you just wanna keep the game exciting. Let's be fair on both sides, you don't want this to become flag football with pads. I'm all for right thing in the progression of this sport..What's your take on the new rule being set..Will it take away from the natural feeling of the big hit,you tell me?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Low Tide Meets Fighting GameCocks..SouthCarolina Upsets the Ranking Champs

Game of My Life: South Carolina: Memorable Stories of Gamecocks Football                                                 What a day for football!!..Great games everywhere, from Grand Park In Pop Warner to the the upset of the week.Today in college football you rarely get to witness such a game as the the one the South Carolina Gamecock's put on the today. You seen exactly how to fight the champ. You swing for the fence, and keep coming. This was a true SEC battle,old Ali Frazier..where u knew it would go down to the wire.Theres a new king on the hill in college football. How long will they hold that ranking ? Only next week knows..Hows your team doing?..

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Jacksonville Jaguars Super Soft Fleece Blanket (Dimensions 50" x 60")Any given sunday lives in Jacksonville..! The underdog Jags fought to the end. In a season of early ups and downs this team came up BIG agaist the riding Colts on a most beautiful day here in north florida. This will help with the talks of the team staying here in jax..I know its just one game, but its shows what is at your finger tips when u have a winner...Its Pro Football , where any given sunday could be your day.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Alabama gets to party late, but leaves with pork chops!

Alabama Crimson Tide 48"x60" Jacquard Acrylic ThrowWhat a game! A slug fest! A SEC War! All can be said about the number 1 Alabama tide vs. number 10 Arkansas razorbacks. The razorbacks came out cutting deep, taking the first possesion to the endzone. By half time the tide realized they were in a real dog fight. You seen the the champs wake up right before your eyes. The tide was coming like a tusami! Turnovers really hurt the razorbacks in this one. Whenever u fight the champ u gotta beat em down, any room for a comeback will leave you as a pork chop special.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eagles fly High over Jags on Cloudy day!

Michael Vick - Philadelphia Eagles - 2010 Score Football Card - NFL Trading Card in Screwdown CaseOn this cloudy day in Jacksonville, Florida it was hard to see the the sun. The one thing you could see very clear was the Eagles star Mike Vick shinning bright! From the start of the contest he came out gunning. As a fan and and local guy here in jax u wonder whats the deal with the teal? Even try as they did, there was no flame from the home team. Vick seemed to have a record day, throwing for 3 touchdowns and running for one. I see Vick making a early push for come back player of the year.